The Peruvian Bowl

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Grilled flank steak and vegetables capture latin barbecue flavors.  This bowl is served with cauliflower rice or brown rice, sweet potato, arugula, and pumpkin seeds. And honey-chipotle-lime dressing on the side. Delicious!!

Regular w/brown rice: Cal 384, Fat 16.7g, Carbs 30.9g, Protein 27g

Large w/brown rice: Cal 672, Fat 27g, Carbs 60g, Protein 42.5g

Regular w/cauliflower rice: 313, Fat 16g,  Carbs 16g, Protein 27g

Large w/cauliflower rice: Cal 485, Fat 27g, Carbs 21.5g, Protein 42.5g

Honey-chipotle-lime dressing: Cal 125, Fat 6.8g, Carbs18.7g, Protein 0.1 

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