Chicken Mole Tacos

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Slow cooked chicken, shredded and topped with cilantro, sliced radishes, and a squeeze of lime.  Yum! Served over white rice or cauliflower, pumpkin seeds and shredded lettuces.

White Rice: 

Regular: Cal 553, fat 24g, Carbs 49g, Protein 32g

Large: Cal 738, Fat 32g, Carbs 65g, Protein 43g

With Cauliflower:

Regular: Cal 418, Fat 24g, Carbs 19.5g, Protein 32g

Large: Cal 558, Fat 32g, Carbs 26g, Protein 43g

Almond Flour Tortilla (per each tortilla and not included in numbers above): Cal (120), Fat (7g), Carb (10g), Protein (4g)

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